Today I’m going to talk about my SHOEBoy… He’s such a good little pet with a taste for heels. So I let him buy me as many pairs as he wants because, hell! A girl can’t get too many shoes now, can she?

2015-05-05 15.31.13

The answer is “Of course not.”

Shoeboy is a very good pay pet. So far he’s bought me more than $150 worth of heels (as well as a few other treats) and I expect much more to come. I’ve been teasing him slowly with the photos and videos I show him. If he continues to be good, perhaps he’ll get a peek at more of my leg… He’ll have to pay for it, of course. Just like those videos with my smooth, controlling voice…

Just talking about his favorite word gets him every time!


One of our more recent conversations…


It’s so easy to wrap him around my finger. This is the stuff dreams are made out of, aren’t they?



His tally thus far, with more to come.