Dear Diary,

It’s exciting, bringing all of this together. I just have a few things to cross off the checklist and the site will be fully up and running. I need to take some nice new pictures so I can make the header proper and pull together some photosets so my Pets can pay to have those delightful peeks at me. This Wednesday I want to make my first post in my loser and pet gallery!

I’m looking forward to writing in here more, too! I have a few topics I want to talk about…

  • My first FinDom pet. We’ll call him… “J”. He taught me all about playing with mind traps and he showed me what kind of power a woman can have.
  • The things I love most about my Pay Pets.
  • What domination really means to me.
  • Humiliation and why it gets cocks so hard.

I want to talk about my other pets, too. Maybe you’ll be talked about if you make a good enough impression on me…